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Each Strategy Provider sets the desired Performance Fee at the time of account opening. Followers can see this percentage in the performance page of each Strategy Provider. Once the Performance Fee of the specific strategy is set, it can no longer be changed.

Yes. HFcopy Strategy Provider account is a separate account type. Therefore one cannot join the program with any other account type.

Yes, you can. You will however need to open separate Follower and Strategy Provider trading accounts.

The steps to become a Provider are:

  • Create your strategy account
  • Fund your account
  • Trade to show your skills & attract Followers
  • Receive Performance Fee

Strategy Providers are subject to approval following a suitability test and based on their previous trading history.

Yes, there are a few restrictions:

  • A. Not all products offered by HotForex are available to be traded by Strategy Providers.
  • B. Some MT4 features, such as Close By and Multiple Close By, are disabled in Strategy Provider accounts.

Yes you can. For more specifications, you can talk to your Affiliate account manager.

Disclaimer: Trading CFDs and Forex is risky. The product is available only to clients whose suitability will be assessed prior to participation. Past performance does not guarantee future results.