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Clients are not charged any administrative fees for joining HFcopy. There is however a Performance Fee payable by the Follower to the Strategy Provider - only in case his performance is positive.

Yes. HFcopy Follower account is a separate account type. Therefore one cannot join the program with any other account type.

Yes, you can. You will however need to open separate Follower and Strategy Provider trading accounts.

The steps to follow are:

  • choose Strategy Provider account
  • add funds to your Follower account
  • set Rescue Level
  • set Volume Allocation

From the time you start following, newly-opened trades will be automatically copied to your Follower account. Previous trades and currently open trades will not be copied.

You can close any open trade that has been copied to your Follower’s account. You cannot amend it.

A Follower can open up to 3 Follower accounts. Each Follower account can only follow one Strategy Provider account at a time. You can disconnect any of your Follower accounts from a particular Strategy Provider account and start following another one at any given point.

You can choose to unfollow the Strategy Provider account at any given time through your myHF area. If there are open trades in your Follower account, they will be closed at the time of disconnection. If the market is closed for any of your open trades, you cannot unfollow - you will have to retry when it opens. You can however remove all available free margin and close your positions manually.

You will be notified and automatically disconnected from the specific Strategy Provider account. Your available funds will then be transferred to your myWallet and you can start following a new Strategy Provider account.

MT4 desktop, web-terminal and MT4 mobile platforms.

Disclaimer: Trading CFDs and Forex is risky. The product is available only to clients whose suitability will be assessed prior to participation. Past performance does not guarantee future results.